Our Services

Lukes’ Landscaping is a one-stop shop for landscaping services from design through installation and onto superior maintenance.

Creating a stunning environment is meaningless if you can’t properly care for it.  At Lukes’ Landscaping, we’re on the job with the best people and one of the largest fleets in the business.  You can expect us to show up on time, fully loaded and ready to work.  In addition, we present a professional and polished appearance for your residents and guests. Whether it’s a large or small job, routine or emergency, we’ll be there every time you need us.

Landscape Design & Installation

Whether residential or commercial, we will take your project from an exciting vision to a stunning reality.  Our experts will meet with you to gain a full understanding of your wishes and goals.  Through the use of state-of-the-art AutoCad technology, our team will create breathtaking landscape architecture that maximizes your budget and delivers the perfect solution down to every detail.  We will incorporate trees and plants that are sustainable and can withstand Florida’s unique weather conditions in all our designs, for lasting beauty that is both environmentally and financially sound.

  • Landscape Design Using AutoCad
  • Complete Renovations
  • Tree Installation
  • Tree Relocation
  • Planters
  • Pool Decks
  • Flower Beds & Annual Replacements
  • Mulch Installation & Refurbishments
  • Hardscape

Landscape Maintenance

We bring you the industry’s most reliable, professional and skilled maintenance teams.  Whether your property is residential or commercial, our crews will exceed your highest standards.  Each crew is supervised by a seasoned landscaping expert, whose sole responsibility is to meet your needs in the most timely and affordable manner possible.  We serve as your onsite eyes and ears and provide you with regular feedback regarding the state of your property and the ways in which we can make your landscaping even better.  Additionally, we will inspect your property monthly and provide you with detailed customer service and maintenance reports so you always stay informed.  Our large fleet and impressive staff allow us to provide the finest routine care.  Should an emergency arise, we act quickly, saving you time and money.  We answer most calls within two hours and guarantee a response within 24 hours.

  • Complete Turf Maintenance-St. Augustine, Bermuda, Paspalum
  • Customized, Slow-Release Granular Fertilization Programs
  • Specialized Services to Maintain Athletic Fields and Parks
  • Pre- and Post- Hurricane and Storm Cleanup
  • Preventative Pest Control and Fertilization

Arbor Care

Trees are among the most impressive and expensive features in any landscape design.  We understand how important trees are to creating an idyllic environment, which is why we offer specialized services to protect and care for them.  We work exclusively with Florida’s finest growers so that every tree we place in the ground is 100% healthy.  Our own ISA-Certified Arborists know exactly how to feed your trees for maximum growth and beauty.  They will keep them trimmed to provide ideal wind passage to preserve their natural canopy, including pruning and shaping large trees and de-booting palms.  They will also continuously monitor your property, immediately pinpointing and providing solutions to any tree-related problem.

  • Licensed & Certified Arborists
  • Specialists in Trimming South Florida's Palms and Broad Leaf Trees
  • Tree Removal/Relocation
  • Stump Removal and Grinding
  • Emergency Hurricane and Storm Prep and Clean Up


Too much or too little water can have a devastating effect on your landscaping. Our irrigation specialists are fully trained to create and maintain a system that is ideally suited to your needs. From diagnosis to installation and from maintenance to repair, our experts will ensure that your natural environment is getting the proper amount of water in every area. We are committed to water conservation and will review your system to ensure its optimal operation. When you waste water, you're also wasting money.

  • System Design and Installation
  • Water Conservation Assessments and Recommendations
  • Compliance System Design and Installation
  • Monthly Service Contract Available for Wet Checks and Line Repairs
  • Pump Installation and Repairs
  • Time Clock Installation and Repairs

Pest Control & Fertilization

Florida is the land of bugs, pests and bothersome weeds.  They are a year-round problem and that’s why we have a variety of pest control and fertilization programs to combat them and keep your trees, plants and shrubs healthy and looking beautiful.  All applications are environmentally friendly—always safe for pets and children—never safe for bugs and pests.  Our service is guaranteed.

  • Customized Programs for Pests, Weeds and Plant Diseases
  • Lawn Treatments
  • Broadleaf Tree Sprays
  • Palm Tree Treatments, Including OTC Injections and Merit Drenches
  • Supplemental Nutritional Sprays
  • Soil Analysis


Lukes’ Landscaping has served many of Florida’s most desirable communities, including SouthWest Ranches, the City of Aventura, Sunny Isles, Bal Harbor, Miami Beach and Coconut Grove.  We have a unique perspective when it comes to meeting the individual demands of municipalities.  A dedicated account manager will work with you on a daily basis and a senior accounts payable manager will ensure consistent and clear billing that will always fall within your contract’s guidelines.

Commercial Maintenance

First impressions speak volumes, especially for a business. We understand that your parking facilities and entryways are your first and most memorable opportunities to put your best foot forward.

Lukes’ Landscaping maintains the green spaces of scores of office complexes, shopping centers and shopping facilities in and around South Florida. We price our services competitively so that your business or the businesses your complex houses can project that all-important, polished look customers will remember.

Architectural Landscape Design

Lukes’ Landscaping is committed to creating seamless environments that unite natural beauty with man-made craftsmanship.  We examine each property to ensure that environmental sensitivity, artistic beauty, community ambiance and economic viability come together with breathtaking results.

  • Private Planning and Consultation
  • Complete Architectural Design
  • Full Landscape Design and Installation
  • Masonry, Concrete, Brick and Tile Work
  • Irrigation and Drainage
  • Weather-Based Irrigation Controls
  • Pools, Spas, Ponds and Waterfalls
  • Advanced Lighting Methods
  • Landscape Maintenance
  • Pesticide Management

Pre Hurricane

Keeping your trees pruned at all times in an effort to minimize the impact of defects can reduce the likelihood of failure during storms. Research and observations during Florida's most recent storms illustrate the importance of preventive pruning in preparing for the storm season. Properties whose trees were routinely maintained by Lukes’ Landscaping fared much better than expected during the storms. In keeping your property storm-ready at all times, Lukes’s Landscaping’s arborists will reduce the length of over-extended limbs and reduce the length of branches and stems with bark inclusions. This will lessen the probability of branches breaking from the tree.

  • Long limbs and co-dominant stems that were reduced six months prior to Hurricane Francis’ 70 mph winds in 2004 fared much better than those that were not pruned
  • Except for a few broken branches, pruned trees came through the storm relatively unscathed
  • Trees that fell apart had two co-dominant stems and bark inclusions.  Trees that are well structured and with a dominant, central leader are much stronger and are able to withstand storms better than their unpruned counterparts.   

Post Hurricane

Our commitment to our clients’ properties and communities is backed by our manpower.  Our team is equipped and ready to jump into action immediately after a severe storm.  Our clean-up crews are able to respond within hours of getting the “green light” from city and state authorities that the roadways are safe and accessible to our staff.  Lukes’ Landscaping will clear the entrances and roadways leading in and out of our clients’ communities of fallen trees and other debris.  Chipping, stumping and general clean up follows.